Corporate Jet Cleaning

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From: Pereira, Mario
Date: September 18, 2018 at 7:36 PM

Subject: Testimonial

“Corporate Jet Cleaning’s attention to the smallest details is astonishing and their professionalism and work ethic is unmatched.  I find that Corporate Jet Cleaning looks after our airplane as if it is their own. Nothing is too much trouble, often at short notice with very early starts / late finishes. Corporate Jet Cleaning fully expects customers to want the best, and then exceeds their expectations through hard work, excellent service and the best products. Corporate Jet Cleaning takes enormous pride in their business and is passionate about it.  They strive do make their customers satisfied. Finally, an important part of any maintenance program is corrosion.  Corporate Jet Cleaning’s attention to our airplane has not only maintained an exceptional appearance, but has reduced the cost of all our inspections due to the lack of corrosion present.  It is a pleasure to have Corporate Jet Cleaning working on our airplane. I plan to have them as our cleaner for many years to come and I wish them every success.”

L. Brydon Knibbs
Pilot – Gama Aviation LLC
Former Chief Pilot – Volo Aviation LLC

I have known Skel Asani for more than 10 years and have seen his work with our various airplanes. His attention to detail and level of service is phenomenal. No matter what time we return from a trip he is always ready to turn the airplane around and have us on our way. No requests from us seemed too small or tedious, including the occasional shopping he has done for us for aircraft stock. I came from a background of anywhere/anytime and Skel certainly exemplifies that mantra. I highly recommend Skel’s new service to anyone looking for quality, personalized, friendly service.