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About Corporate Jet Cleaning

Hello, My name is Skel Asani and I have a passion for detail.  Welcome to Corporate Jet Cleaning. We are a full service, detail orientated Corporate Jet Cleaning service based in central Connecticut. We pride ourselves in our 15+ years of experience and our drive to give every customer the best experience possible. We understand that your aircraft is not just a plane, it is an asset and a business tool. As such we take care in everything we do and we perform it in a timely manner. We fully understand the requirements and needs of the aviation industry.

Corporate Jet Cleaning specializes in all your aircraft’s professional cleaning and detailing needs utilizing highly trained aviation professionals. We are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We are fully insured and approved by many vendors and operators.

We are proud members of the National Business Aviation Association and Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association.

Our Experience

Our experience includes Cessna 152’s to Boeing 787’s and R22’s toS92’s Helicopters.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your choice cleaning company providing professional worry and stress-free experience.

Our Approach

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Our Story

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Insurance Coverages

Corporate Jet Cleaning carries the following insurances for all of its aircraft cleaning locations in general liability and in hangar keepers. Corporate Jet Cleaning, llc. complies with all state and federal regulations for workman’s compensation and all tax laws and regulations.

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Phone – +1 203-509-8420


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