Corporate Jet Cleaning

Protecting Your Assets




  • Carpet Shampoo Extraction: Performed using a top of the line industrial grade carpet machine to remove and extract all types of stains, including dirt, gum, coffee, and wine, from your aircraft carpet. After completion, your carpet will look as good as new.

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  • Leather Seat Cleaning: The leather seat cleaning consists of using top of the line Perrone leather products to deep clean and condition all of the cabin chairs, couches, and leather goods.

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  • Basic Exterior Cleaning: Consists of wiping down and cleaning the following areas as required; landing gear, windscreens, cabin windows, leading edges, flaps, nose cone, engine cowls, and any other part of the exterior airframe that is needed.

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  • Brightwork Polishing: Performed using only NuVite metal polishing products which are considered the premier products for aircraft use. We have the experience and skills to tackle any brightwork job, from 3-4 step leading edges that haven’t been polished in years to just a light orbital clean up.

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  • Xzilon: This is the ultimate long-term protection for any of your polished metal work. When properly applied this product allows greater longevity between polishes and helps to protect the metal better against pitting and corrosion. It is currently approved for use on Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Boeing aircraft to just name a few.

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